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Double Review: Clockwork Prince & Clockwork Princess ✒️| Finishing TID aka my first CC series!

Not so long ago I wrote my review for Clockwork Angel and with that talked all about my first impressions of The Infernal Devices, this well-loved series people talk about still so much. Today, I present to you the rest of my thoughts about this prequel to TMI in form of a double review since I flew through the second book and picked up the third one right after that. Now, I can at least say that I have read TDI for the first time during my time in quarantine. If that’s not an accomplishment I don’t know what is…

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I read MY FIRST Shadowhunters book! 🌑| Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

The year is 2020. We are in the middle of a global pandemic spending time at home in quarantine and I’ve finally decided that now would be a good time to pick up one of the most loved ya-series ever for the very first time (yes, I’m not re-reading at this point!). You might be surprised but before reading Clockwork Angel I had never read anything by Cassandra Clare before i.e. I had never read a Shadowhunters book before, nor the movie adaption (which isn’t everyone’s favourite, is it?) or the tv show. How come?! Well, I don’t know why but somehow I never was in the right mood to start The Mortal Instruments and when the “trend” of the ya-paranormal genre started to flatten I lost interest in started trying out other ya subgenres (e.g. historical fiction) which made me love the setting of Victorian London. So, it was clear to me (after watching Emma’s video in which order to read the Shadowhunters books) that while TMI intimidated me because of its length I could still try out the prequel trilogy first and see what happens.

And, now we’re here, almost ten years (!!) after the release of Clockwork Angel and the start of The Infernal Devices and I’m trying to (as the last in the goodreads community for sure) sort my thoughts about this book and I’m sure that this will be amusing and entertaining for those of you who have already immersed themselves into the Shadowhunter world a long time ago…

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