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Reasons Why I Love Mythology-inspired Books So Much 💗 | Top Ten Tuesday #2


Hello everyone and welcome to my second Top Ten Tuesday post hosted by Jana (@that artsy reader girl)! This week’s topic is, just as the last time, a really cool one, because one can choose what to write about with the only restriction that it has to be something you love which can either be an author, a book, a genre or something completely different. For this week I chose the following topic I came up with: Reasons Why I Love Mythology-inspired books and today will include all the praise, worship and love, haha.

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Top 5 Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child 🧸| Top Ten Tuesday #1!!


Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s doing okay so far. Thanks to quarantine, I’ve been able to plan blog posts that are a bit different from my usal ones because as you might know I rarely do book tags, reading challenges and even weekly memes because I tend to be a slow reader at the moment but I do enjoy making lists especially top x lists very much. So, I thought why not try out Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Jana (@ that artsy reader girl)? And, here I am but instead of 10 books (that was a bit too much for me) I decided to go with my usual Top 5 books which is even allowed (yes, I checked). This weeks topic “Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child” really resonated with me and I think it’s a really interesting one to write about but to be honest, I found almost all the TTT topics I saw so far really appealing. Maybe this will be my new go-to blogpost…? (⇀‸↼)

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