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I finally read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! 🌾 // (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ and how I managed it…


Pride and Prejudice – one of the most popular classics out there, a well loved book and most famous work of Jane Austen. Where should I even begin?

I think I should tell you firstly that this is NOT a book I had to read for school or any classes. I read it because I wanted to know what it is about, what makes it such a popular classic and because one of my 2018 reading goals was to start reading classics and annotating them! I first wanted to add this goal into my reading challenge after watching some of Lucy’s  (@lucythereader) Youtube videos about reading classics and where to start. And then I found this British lit recommendation video from Sanne (@booksandquills) and I was all about adding some interesting classics into my want to read list. I highly recommend watching their videos if you need motivation or just a little push to get out of your comfort zone.

It took me HALF A YEAR TO FINISH this book!! Although it only had 300+ pages which is the amount of pages the books I read usually have. I needed some time to get into the story and the language(!!). And there were so many characters to remember of whom a lot played a minor role but still, I wanted to have an overview about it. Once this was all done I really enjoyed reading Jane Austen’s novel and had a lot of fun annotating my favourite scenes and quotes.

If you don’t know what Pride and Prejudice is about here’s a super short summary;

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” 

Set in the 1800s, the Bennet’s are a family of five daughters who comfortably live in the fictional town of Merton. There is one problem the Bennet’s have to face though; They have no son and therefore no heir who can inherit the house. Mrs Bennet, the mother of the five daughters is ridiculously obsessed with marrying her daughters off so she is more than excited when it is announced that a wealthy and unmarried Mr Bingley is moving to their neighborhood. And so the story continues with Jane the oldest of the daughters falling in love with this Mr Bingley, Elizabeth- the witty protagonist and father’s favourite being prejudiced, a proud but somehow not so proud Mr Darcy and A LOT of family drama and misunderstandings.

“Your defect is a propensity to hate everybody.”

“And yours,” he replied with a smile, “is willfully to misunderstand them.”

What made this story interesting for me wasn’t the setting nor Mrs Bennet’s annoying gossip but the two main characters Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. I thought that especially Elizabeth as the protagonist of the novel was such a headstrong, witty, clever and likeable character. Therefore she really stands out as different compared to the other females in the book. But what I liked the most about her was that she realized her mistakes she made because of her hasty judgements though it made her feel so awkward and embarrassed.

The story was a bit slow and not always easy to follow. The estates were all the same to me and it wasn’t always easy to imagine them but that was not a big deal at all. I liked how you learn so much about society of the 19th century. Austen also addresses gender roles, marriage for love (which wasn’t the case in that time period but Austen seems to believe in it. She shows this perfectly through her characters and their relationships.) and family relations.

“For what do we live but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?”

giphyWhen I was in the middle of the book I couldn’t wait any longer to watch the 2005 movie version of this book. It helped me a lot to get through the rest of the book and I loved the scenery of the movie very much. I believe that it is a fun adaption and definitely worth to watch!

Now, after having finished Pride and Prejudice I can totally see myself picking up another one of Jane Austen’s novels in the future. Maybe Emma or Sense and Sensibility? This book taught me that reading classics does not always has to do anything with school and of course picking one up outside from any classes is a lot more fun. You can take your time with it and even though it may take A LOT OF TIME to finally finish it, it may be worth your time and a new reading experience especially if you usually read ya all the time like me.  (´๑•_•๑)

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”


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Is Legendary as legendary as Legend? 🍏🌠🖤

“Tella wondered if Legend’s games ever ended, or if his world was an endless maze of fantasy and reality that left those caught inside it forever suspended somewhere in between the two.”

Welcome, welcome to my review of Legendary by Stephanie Garber!

This book is the sequel to Caraval which was one of my favourite reads of last year. I remember giving Caraval five stars because this ya-fantasy really bewitched me with its magical story and beautiful writing style. And, yes, I would really like to meet Stephanie Garber in person one day because I believe that she is such a nice and positive person always eager to interact with readers on her social media platforms. I waited a year to have this book in my hands and I was so excited when finally starting it that I literally told everyone about it. It was totally worth it and I will have to go through the wait again if I wanna read the third (and final?) book which comes out in 2019!

Want to know more about Caraval? Here’s my full spoiler free review!: Welcome, welcome to ‚Caraval‘ by Stephanie Garber! 🌹🌟🎩

What is Legendary about? (SPOILER FREE)

As Legendary is the sequel, it follows all the characters of the first book traveling to the city of Valenda where the second Caraval (a usually once in a year magic performance, a bit like a fair but SO different) is taking place. Unlike the first book this one’s story is told from the POV of Tella Dragna; Scarlett’s sister. While Tella may seem like an innocent girl she actually is pretty reckless, careless, independent and bound to a bargain she has to fulfil if she wants to rescue herself, her sister and Caraval itself.

Why Legendary was not a 5 star read for me

  • Tella was the main character in this book and to be honest I didn’t like the idea at first because she was pictured as a very rashly person but it turned out differently. I liked Tella though I think that she’s a very typical ya heroine. She already knows a lot about Caraval, she takes the risks and she really seems fearless the whole time which makes her a really badass female main character. And though Tella and Scarlett are sisters they have really different ways of dealing with this magical but very real performance. So there are many aspects I liked better in this book. There was more action and more curiosity but I missed the deals at Caraval Scarlett had to unwillingly do and the ‘planned’ things. Of course Tella didn’t embark on a lot of things Scarlett would have done. Tella already knows how deceitful Caraval can be unlike her sister who couldn’t help herself from doing what Legend wanted from her.
  • Another thing I want to mention is the world building in this one which was on the one hand a really interesting aspect because it shows how the world outside of Caraval is working but it is Caraval itself what I am here for. I think that the whole magic was more like a background story in Legendary and I hope that this is changing in the Finale. I want more potions to buy in a bottle in exchange for a secret or the last lie you told someone changing rooms and dresses.
  • What led me to the decision of giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that WE KNOW TOO MUCH. While I didn’t know what the heck was going on in Caraval this sequel was predictable at times and the mystery was gone (more about this in the spoiler section). I missed the atmosphere of not knowing a thing and I think that is because of Tella’s POV since she is more experienced with the tricks of this magic performance.
  • The Romance was… okay…? Because of Julian and Scarlett playing minor roles in Legendary there was another romance developing and I am not sure if I am a fan of it. And there is a love triangle. Just in case you’re wondering. I don’t know why and I don’t know what to think of it but I do know that we are going to come back to it next year.


“Every good story needs a villain.

But the best villains are the ones you secretly like.”

As I already mentioned I was more than excited about reading Legendary because as the title is already revealing this book gives us more information about Caraval’s master mind Legend who is said to be ‘nowhere and everywhere’. I have to agree with that statement because while reading Caraval everyone had their own theories and assumptions about this character. It was impossible not to imagine Legend with a black top hat in mind and I was more than suprised when it was revealed that he actually doesn’t wear one and well, that he has a couple of tattoos and that WE ALREADY KNOW HIM!!


So, Dante is Legend and Legend is Dante. Thinking about it now it was pretty obvious… I mean there were so many hints given but it just wasn’t predictable and I am still shocked because I would have never thought about it being true. It was an option of course and even our main character Tella considered it but she also was sceptical thinking things like: But why would Legend spend his precious time during Caraval with me? He surely has better things to do during this time! And that was my point not believing in Dante being Legend. I was almost entirely sure that we haven’t even met the real Legend yet!! I didn’t believe the reveal. I thought it was an act until I read the very last sentence of the book. So, even I as a reader don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore. I am still not over it. But what a plot twist Stephanie! Well played. 👏🏼 Though I don’t know what to think about that. It changes my whole view on Caraval because I have to accept that every single time Dante appeared in Caraval as well as in Legendary it was Legend himself. Oh my goodness.

Now after having revealed the mystery of Legend’s identity I can never read about Dante the same way before which means I am gonna read Caraval a third time and Legendary a second time at one time or another. This makes re-reading even more fun!

So we know that Legend is Elantine’s true heir. And since Elantine was an empress that would make Legend a prince or even an emperor after her death!! or something, right? And when Legend is a royal Julian is too since they are brothers which means our lovely sisters Scarlett and Tella fell in love with the royal family. WAHHHH. Scarlett loves the reckless sailor and Tella loves the hero of her sister’s childhood. This is so well thought-out. ʸ(ᴖ́◡ु⚈᷉)♡⃛ But can we please have interactions between Julian and Legend?? I am dying for this and I wanna see some bromance please. Same goes for Scarlett and Tella.

But why the hell did Scarlett have a problem with Julian?! I am glad that they are a couple again but I missed them a lot and I want switching POV’s of all the characters please.

Let’s talk about the Fates an the Deck of Destiny which were in my opinion fantastical elements to this story!! But who would have thought about Paloma being a criminal and inside a paper prison?? I am really excited for the reunion of the mother and their daughters.

The moment Jacks appeared at the ball and the Prince of Hearts role was already mentioned in the story I knew that the rude boy from the sky carriage was Elantine’s murderous heir. What I didn’t know was that he was the Prince of Hearts and it was even more confusing that he eats apples in all kinds of colours! What I thinks about Tella being his one true love?? That should have been a bigger part of the story! I somehow wanna see that in the final book.


So, what about Scarlett’s REAL fiancée? I bet that we are going to meet him in the final book. Is he going to be someone we already know? I don’t think so since we already had that but I don’t see why Scarlett is so interested in finding out who he is. I mean, it’s over. She has Julian. Why not stick to him? I don’t buy this “I-wanna-have-a-choice-between-men” stuff because I think she has already found her perfect match. What is it then? Wanting Julian to be jelaous? I don’t know, guys but maybe we’ll find out next year.

My rating for this book: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I feel like there was more magic and beautiful writing in Caraval while Legendary was more about making choices and taking risks. I know that the majority of people enjoyed Legendary more than Caraval but I like it the other way around. This was a wonderful read for sure but there were a few things missing for me I wish to see in the next book again. I really adore this whole series and can’t wait for the next and final book of it.

“Not everyone gets a true ending. There are two types of endings because most people give up at the part of the story where things are the worst, where the situation feels hopeless. But that’s when hope is needed most. only those who persevere can find their true ending.”

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The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert 💛

hello fellow readers! Today I am going to present you one of My most anticipated books of 2018!🎆😊 and a book I have been really excited about since I heard about it. I was told that The Hazel Wood is going to be some creepy Alice in Wonderland retelling but I can tell you that a) it is messier, crazier and more confusing than that while b) the main character really is named Alice!! But don’t worry, if you are still all for that you are gonna like this ya fantasy as much as I did. I also read that there is going to be a sequel to this book? I don’t know how to feel about that. I think that it could have made a really good standalone. And, btw Stephanie Garber blurbed this so…here’s the review:


We follow the story of Alice, a seventeen-year-old, easy to madden girl who has lived her entire life with her mother Ella driving from one highway to another, fleeing from the bad luck they always seem to have. Alice’s grandmother is Althea Proserpine, the author of dark fairy tales who lives on her estate: the Hazel Wood. When Ella gets kidnapped from people who claim to be from the Hinterland, the world of Althea’s fairy tales, Alice is determined to do everything to get her back even if it means going to the Hazel Wood. Along with her classmate Ellery Finch she sets off to find out what happened to her mother and the bad luck of herself.

“And while they’re being told, stories create the energy that makes this world go. They keep our stars in place. They make our grass grow.”

I would like to divide the story into three different parts before saying anything abou the plot because there is part 1.) which is the first third of the book and focuses more or less on the relationship between Alice and her mother, giving a bit of background info etc and ther was part 2.) which was (my favourite) about Alice and Ellery Finch getting into some real crazy but fascinating fairy tale business where creepy things happen and you don’t know if you are living in some kind of fantasy book or not. The last part (part 3.) is the so called ‘creepy Alice in Wonderland retelling’ part but to be honest it was just so confusing and distracting to me. I didn’t really know what happened and ended up thinking a lot about the story development and who the Briar King is because I obviously forget or didn’t get that. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ The first part was good, okay, not that catchy to me but the second part which was all about Ellery and Alice THAT was the part I expected Tumblr_inline_nit2awRqYD1qgl6qfthe whole book to be!! But unfortunately that wasn’t it. I am a bit disappointed now because I really looked forward to it, but well. This part was thrilling and full of nonsense but still so good and entertaining. I loved it and it was exactly what I hoped for. But as I said it wasn’t all as I imagined it to be but let’s summarize that Ellery Finch was an amazing character who should have had more screen time and credit because just look of one of his wisdoms;

“When in doubt, the answer is always Death. With a capital D.”

Coming back to the third ‘Alice in Wonderland’ part I have to say that this disappointed me the most which is of course not the authors fault because I have been tricked by people but if there are not characters that represent the Mad Hatter, the Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat please do not call a book an Alice in Wonderland retelling. Thanks. Talking about characters, I think that these were the elements lacking. I couldn’t click to them. Not to Alice but also not to Ella. Ellery Finch was the only one I really enjoyed reading about and I wished he would have been present for the last third of the book.

The plot twist were kinda predictable but I really liked the idea of them as well as the world building. I would have liked more explanations though and I am still not getting a lot of things and I have question but maybe next time?

However, I loved the fairy tales!! They were dark, creepy and gave me chills because they weren’t about justice and things. No, they were all about revenge, anger and jealousy. I wish there would have been a collection of the fairy tales at the back of the tumblr_oaeqcxw1tJ1r6wsp9o1_500book or something because I remember them being 13 in total but only 2 or 3 were fully told in the book. I want more from those! And the mystery of Althea was great too! I enjoyed not knowing anything about her at the beginning and at the end because although I finished this book I feel like there wasn’t much written in there about Alice’s legendary grandmother. I adored the atmosphere in this one. It’s the one I look for in books and luckily find from time to time. It’s comparable to the one’s in Everless and Caraval. (*’∀’人)♥

The writing style was very likeable and there were so many beautiful passages/quotes I liked but here are only a few of them. Have we already talked about the stunning cover?? It’s probably one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen (I know I say that a lot but it’s true).  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ // 4 fairy tale-like stars


“Life was a big thing to live without a map.”

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Why the phrase ‘time is money’ is 100% true in the world of Everless ⏳

We all know that time is precious (especially when you’re a reader) but have you ever imagined a world where you really have to pay with the time of your lifespan? Reducing or Increasing your lifetime immensely? Without any mercy? Well, I haven’t neither but that’s exactly what happens in the world of Everless, Sara Holland’s fantasy debut novel which came out on January 2nd and one of My most anticipated books of 2018!🎆😊

I was so excited to start this ya fantasy since I have read many great things about it from other readers, including Wing-yee whom I highly trust(!). And, Stephanie Garber blurbed it and I couldn’t resist! sorrynotsorry

So, in this blog post I will try to convince you to add this gorgeous book on your wishlist within 6 reasons. But before that, here’s what Everless is about;

the sypnosis:

In the kingdom of Sempera time is currency, meaning that whenever you have to pay for something time is drained out of your blood and bound to iron. The powerful family of the Gerlings are very powerful and take the time of the poor. Jules Ember, a 17-year old servant girl, had to flee from Everless with her father a long time ago and swore herself to never come back. But when she discovers that her father is dying Jules has no other choice than to leave the town and go back to her childhood place to work and earn some money.

Jules quickly realizes that Everless is not the place of her childhood anymore and that dark secrets, danger and lies are the order of the day. What she didn’t know was the role she is about to play…

“I know better than to be afraid of stories.”

  • tired of all those usual female ya main characters? let me introduce you to miss jules ember!

Jules Ember is the teenage main character we follow around and everything is told from her POV. She is very different from many female ya characters and that is what I absolutely loved about this book! Jules is smart, brave and calm at the same time. Instead of rushing and deciding to do silly things, she considers her opportunities and thinks it out carefully. A likeable main character is really important to me and I am sure that Jules won’t disappoint you as well!

  • it’s beautifully written!

Sara Holland has a really elegant and kind of observing writing style. This book had so many good passages and is not does not spend time with describing places to much so you can imagine the rest yourself and be creative. It would have been even better with a few more dialogues between the characters as that is what I missed a bit. 🌇💛

  • the unique concept

I have never seen anything with this concept before and I was intrigued by it before I even opened the book. Besides, I really liked the world building and setting of it. The idea of using your lifetime with paying is amazing and though I was confused at time (especially in the beginning) it is explained step by step within the story and through different persons. I just want more!

  • you’re an expert at predicting plot twists and turns? it won’t be that easy this time!

This story had so many twists and turns I didn’t predict and would have never thought possible, so I was completely shocked sometimes and closed the book just to take a moment and recover myself from it because Sara Holland knows how to do it. And they won’t be revealed until the end. You will have to be patient and read fast if you want to reveal all those secrets and lies of Everless!

  • the Gerling brothers!!

“Cruel. Elegant. Just like the Gerlings.”

tumblr_n6mhbmcPBk1tptr8ro1_500Want to know more about the characters? Well, while we have some other side characters in this book, the Gerling family is the richest and well-known for living at Everless, including the two brothers Roan and Liam. Suprisingly, the brothers are very different from each other; while Roan is an actuall cinnamon roll, always smiling and happy, Liam is the more reserved one, spending a lot of time in the library. It’s all up to you to pick your favourite! (Mine is Liam though I had struggles with deciding at first but-). I was a bit looking for more romance but it didn’t really hit my expectations. Maybe Evermore will…?

  • magical atmosphere guaranteed

I adored the mysterious, dark and magical atmosphere of Everless and it reminded me of the one of Stephanie Garber’s Caraval and A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge 🐻. If you are fan of those books I can highly recommend reading Everless. You can describe Everless as A Skinful of Shadows with the time concept instead of the ghosts one and an older main character. You may also enjoy it if you are a fan of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Could I convince you to read Everless or have you already read it? What are your thoughts?



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Book Review: Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo💥👊🏼

hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, the first book in the DC Icons ‘series’, and one of my most anticipated books of last year. So, yes, I actually planned to read it in August 2017 which is the date it was released but other books got in my way and here we are. For all of the seasonal readers out there: This is the perfect summer read because it is full of adventure, road trips and danger. 🏛💉💪🏼

The Sypnosis:

Princess Diana wants to prove herself as a true Amazon and when the opportunity finally comes, she takes the risk and saves a mortal girl. But Alia Keralis turns out to be no ordinary girl. She is a descendant of Helen of Troy and is destined to bring an age of war. She is a warbringer who has to be stopped before chaos begins to start. Together, Diana and Alia have to face a set of different enemies and if they fail both of their worlds won’t stay as they have been.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

First of all, you have to know that I had high expectations for this one because a) this was my first Leigh Bardugo book!! (believe it or not) b) Wonder Woman is one of my favourite of all superheroes and c) the hype was real.

So, I needed almost three months to finish this book. How is this even possible?! To be honest, I did push this book back and forth, not knowing if I should continue reading or try again later because the beginning of this was so slow to me! The first 200 pages were a real struggle because I somehow couldn’t click to the plot. But that was entirely forgotten when I got to the last third of the book because that part was WILD.

The cast of characters was probably the most diverse one I have ever seen. There are Alia and Jason, the African American siblings, Nim, an Indian girl and Alia’s best friend and also the smartphone obsessed Theo (from, was it, Brazil?). And, next to all those there’s also Diana, the princess Amazon. I LOVED the interactions between these characters, especially the friendship between Diana, Nim and Alia. I enjoyed reading about the bond between Diana and Alia because although they were totally different characters I felt like they had to struggle with the same problems.

So, yes this is a superhero story but this book has so many elements from Greek myths, as it takes an important role in the story. There is everything from mythical creatures to the appearance of goddesses.

And don’t forget the road trips and action packed fights!

Despite all that, I was a bit disappointed. I expected this book to be so much different. In my opinion, the focus of this book is clearly set on Alia, the warbringer and not on Diana, who is btw never mentioned to be Wonder Woman which is understandable since it’s her first journey in the mortal world.

Nonetheless, I can highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to take a break from long series or just wants to read a good superhero story. I can imagine this to be a good summer read as it is full of adventure, road trips fun scenes and fast paced! 🌞

“Sister in battle,” murmured Diana, 
“I am shield and blade to you.”
“And friend.”
“And always your friend.”

The second book in this series Batman: Knightwalker 🦇 by Marie Lu is already out and on my tbr list. I can’t tell now if I would enjoy that book more only looking at the superhero (cause Batman is cool too) but what I like about this series is that it is written by different authors. I am especially excited what Sarah J Maas is going to do with Catwoman

Do you like superhero stories?  If so, who is your favourite superhero/superheroine and why?

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Double Review: SJTR and HPD by Kerri Maniscalco 💉🖤

hey everyone and happy new year! 🎆 I hope you had a good start into 2018 setting your reading resolutions for this year and deciding on what to read. I have already set my own Reading Challenge on GoodReads by reading 33 books which I think is realistic and manageable. If you want to know how My Reading Year of 2017 you can read my reflection here or take a look at all the books I have read on my ‘2017-reads’ shelf.

Today I’ll be reviewing the last book that I read in 2017 and the first one I read in 2018; Stalking Jack the Ripper (#SJTR1) and Hunting Prince Dracula (#SJTR2) by Kerri Maniscalco. (´•.̫ • ⋈) These books have been on my list of the most-anticipated books of 2017 and did not disappoint me: They made into favourite books of all time! Continue reading and find out why…


This series follows the story of Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a young woman who lives in London and is keen to know everything about forensics. Unfortunately, Audrey Rose has to keep her interest in secret. She sneaks out at night to learn something at her Uncle’s laboratory so she can prevent her wealthy father from knowing about it. The story continues with the murders of Jack the Ripper and our protagonist is determined to solve the intriguing but horrible case along with her companian Thomas Cresswell.


Hunting Prince Dracula continues right after the events of the first one. This time we get to travel with Audrey Rose and Thomas to Romania and the killer is none other than Vlad the Impaler whose thirst for blood became legend. Audrey Rose has to pull herself together in order to not get distracted by her terrible memories and experiences of the Ripper murders. Will she be able solve this cunning riddle?

“Roses have both petals and thorns, my dark flower. You needn’t believe something weak because it appears delicate.

Show the world your bravery.”

These books were even better than I expected them to be. I was sure that I am going to adore them but still I didn’t see that coming! I was truly sad when I finished them so quick but luckily, Kerri Maniscalco announced that there are at least going to be 4 books in the series. One of the two upcoming books will be published this year.

Because there is not anything left to say about the plot I am starting right away with other categories:

The settings are perfect in both books. In the first you get to visit London in the 1880s, a time where England developed really fast and effective. Stalking Jack the Ripper gives you an insight into that time and society. Next to that we have the kingdom of Romania as the main setting in book 2. I really like the describtions of the castle and the surrounding area. But maybe that’s because I just love old buildings in general.

You get a really dark and spooky vibe from both of the book so I highly recommend reading them in colder months. These are definitely great for fall!

The characters are exactly those you want to have in the story of such a series. I am going to decribe the two main characters more detailed. Let me introduce them to you: (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Miss Audrey Rose Wadsworth // 17 year old forensic student from London. Dark hair. Emerald-coloured eyes. Often wears gloves. Eloquent, smart, independent and very modern. The perfect exemplar of female ya characters I want to read about. Highborn but NOT vain. #1 Feminist. Can we be best friends please? material. Has a weekness for beautiful dresses (who doesn’t?). Favourite Flower: Orchids. As curious as Alice. Develops feelings for Thomas but doesn’t want to make it THAT clear. The victim of his never-ending teasings. Doesn’t mind. Destroyer of their best moments.

Mister Thomas Cresswell// forensic student and #1 expert of how to tease and flirt with Audrey. Can be vain but you won’t mind. Know-all. Sherlock Holmes version 2.0. Highborn as well. Draws very well. Tall (yes, that’s a relevant point). Handsome (as he says so). Observer. Perfect guy for our female protagonist. Number 1 supporter. Cracks a lot of jokes that aren’t unconditionally funny but you’ll smile anyway.

To keep it short: I love both Audrey and Thomas and I can’t wait to read more about them. They both are very realistic characters, able to be brave and scared. They make such an adorable couple and they surely belong to my favourite characters of all time as well as to my otp’s. I’ll read everything that is about them. And if you’d ask me if I could choose a favourite between them I would say no because they are both unique and wonderful characters. However, I can’t deny that Thomas is already on my book boyfriend list. Shhh. Don’t tell the fangirls anything.

“Diamonds were everything I hoped to be; beautiful, yet containing unimaginable strength.”

The writing style. I am absolutely in love with Kerri Maniscalco’s writing style. It makes you read the book even faster and you can’t stop (but that’s maybe because the ends of the chapters are always very thrilling and you get into that ‘one more chapter’ situation). I enjoyed reading conversations between the characters and I loved the way they spoke as we are talking about an other time era where the language used to be a bit different but totally amusing and entertaining!

“Fear is a hungry beast. The more you feed it, the more it grows.”

This series is what I was looking for all the time but which I could never find. It is interesting, funny, thrilling and fast-paced. It includes exactly the genres I enjoy reading the most which are Ya, Historical Fiction, Mystery and Romance. I want more books like Kerri Maniscalco’s. That being said, I can’t wait to get my shaky hands on the third book of the Series (Escaping from Houdini). How am I supposed to wait until Fall to know how this story is going to continue? I am happy to say that I have finally found a new all time favourite series! 5/5 STARS and a more than satisfied reader. 🤹‍♀️🔮🖤🎩🛳️


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A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge 🐻

35659955A Skinful of Shadows is a young-adult, fantasy novel I found out about right after its release in September. Before reading I didn’t know that this standalone is also a historical fiction book but yes, it is set in the 17th century in England, during the Civil War of 1642-1649. I am a big fan of historical fiction books, especially in this combination of ya and fantasy, so I was very excited to read this one. I have never read anything by Frances Hardinge before but I had heard many great things about the author’s other books like ‘The Lie Tree’ or the ‘Cuckoo Song’.


We follow the story of a 12-year old girl named Makepeace who is able to ‘see’ ghosts in her nightmares. The ghosts in this book intend to possess her body which Makepeace tries to defend desperately and exactly this is what happens; There is a spirit living inside of her. After an incident she has to move to the property of her deceased father’s  family. As the story continues the girl finds out that her father’s family keeps a secret almost nobody knows about and a secret nobody should know, influencing the events in London. Our main character plans her escape and has to decide something that will change her life completely.

“Before her escort could react, she sprinted from their little pool of lantern-light into the darkness, her feet pounding the soft, treacherous clods of the field. The guards called after her for a while, but did not pursue. In a lost city, how could they chase down every lost soul who became a little more lost?”

I want to start this review with praising Frances Hardinge’s writing style. The author has an amazing way of describing places, people and emotions. I can barely remember any other book I have read that had such a magical, lulling and mysterious style of writing. In contrast to Frances Hardinge’s beautiful way of writing the story of this book can be creepy, dark and incomprehensible but that’s exactly what you should feel while reading this book. I have annotated a lot of quotes in this book because I think of them as being very meaningful and important for the story and character development.

Speaking about that, I really liked the characters in this book. Makepeace, our 12-year old female main character has a really strong personality and although all the things that happen in this book should frighten her it does not. Well, maybe it does, but she is at least brave enough to deal with it and that at a young age. She is caring, helpful and kind which is a very big contrast to the fact that she lives in a time where brutal things happen and people are only caring for their own. Characters I was also excited to know more about where James, Sir Thomas and the Doctor. But as any good story we also have a fantastic villain in this book; but it is better if you go into the story without knowing anything about The Fellmottes.

“Lord Fellmotte was not a man. He was an ancient committee.  A parliament of deathly rooks in a dying tree.”

‘The gift’ plays a big role in the story line. It  is basically the ability to be possessed by a spirit. Makepeace has that ability or ‘curse’, how others call it and we follow her as she learns to deal with it, how she defends herself against lonely spirits and how she manages to reveal the dark family secret of the Fellmotte’s.

“It was as if History were walking at his heels like a vast, invisible hound.  It followed him, but he did not command it. Perhaps he would tame it. Or perhaps it would eat him.”

The world of this story was great and if you are a history-fan you are going to love this setting of 17th century London, Oxford and actually whole England. I learned a lot of things about the Civil War and the story made me even look things up!

Aside of all these amazing elements from this book, there was one thing I did disliked. This book was too long. A lot of things happened during these 415 pages and I am sure that the story could have been a bit less long. What kept me reading was this amazing writing style and the fact that I really wanted to know how this will end. Makepeace traveled a lot and was able to achieve those impossible things.

This book is about loyalty and friendship and the bond between siblings. It is about accepting the past but moving forward with new hopes and dreams.

To sum up, I really enjoyed ‘A Skinful of Shadows’ and Frances Hardinge’s writing. I will probably read more of her books soon. This book is a perfect fall read but I believe that it is not a book everybody would feel comfortable with, as it can be really dark and emotional. But if you do like this setting then don’t hesitate to read it! It is such a pity that this is such an underrated book, meaning that more people should read it. 4 sparkling stars/5 🍂🌿




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The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson “φʕ•ᴥ•oʔ

“Today was the day a thousand dreams would die and a single dream would be born.”

Hi everyone! Today I am going to review ‘The Kiss of Deception’ by Mary E. Pearson, the first book of the ‘Remnant Chronicles’. After seeing everyone on GoodReads reading the sequel I just had to give this book a try. One of my friends also really enjoyed reading it and recommended it afterwards. So, let’s go on! ( •ॢᴗ•ॢ⋈)


The Sypnosis:

The book is about a young princess who flees from her kingdom after her father decided that she has to marry a prince she has never met. She settles in a village with her dear friend but one day two young men arrive there, one being the prince hisself, the other an assassin sent to kill her.

Let’s continue with the spoiler-free review! So, this book got me out of my reading slump and I am so thankful for that. (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ School is keeping me busy but the ‘Kiss of Deception’ just had to be read.

What I really loved about this book was that there were chapters from the princess’, prince’ and assassin’s perspective so you knew all of the main characters thoughts. It was really interesting and a diversified idea. The chapters were not too long. It never got boring. I also really enjoyed reading those quotations from the different kingdoms before reading some of the chapters. They sounded like a song, a poem and a curse. All at once.

The world was medieval including three huge kingdoms with royal families, small towns and a very adventurous atmosphere. A map of the world is included!

Let’s get to the characters; I loved them so much (́◉◞౪◟◉‵) We have Princess Arabella or how she calls herself; Lia. She is not the typical princess who can’t deal with problematic situations and has to be rescued all the time. No, she is eloquent, brave and flexible. Lia is someone who does not want people to tell her what to do. She wants to be independent. Princess Lia does not like traditions and also does not seem to be very religious. She’s good with languages, speaking a bunch of dialects. How can you not like her?

“I see only reminders that nothing lasts forever, not even greatness.” 
“Some things last.” 
I faced him. “Really? And just what would that be?” 
“The things that matter.”

So, on the other hand we have Rafe and Kaden. They don’t get along that well. And that’s all I can tell you for now. Choose your favourite. Just a little warning for those who care:

Yes, we have a love triangle here.

I don’t know if you can count her in as a main character but there is also Pauline, Lia’s best friend since… forever? They are like sisters. Pauline is trying her best to take care of the princess.

At one special point in the book I was very confused. I would have never though that Mary E. Pearson would twist and turn the story so much. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) But, it was fine.

The journey Lia goes through is bitter but she manages to deal with it earning a lot of experiences she would not have gained by staying at the court. The most important thing she realizes can be understood by reading the following quote;

“Maybe there was no one way to define it. Maybe there were as many shades of love as the blues of the sky”

I totally admired Lia for her strength throughout this book. She went to a lot of problematic and dangerous situations. ALONE. A lot of main female ya characters must have been rescued but she knows how to fight like a princess in a not so princess-like way. (๑و•̀ω•́)و

So, I really enjoyed ‘The Kiss of Deception’ and I was not expecting that I would like it so much as I do. Definitely one of the most suprising reads this year. I am looking forward to reading the sequel ‘Heart of Betrayal’ as soon as possible. This book receives 4/5 stars from my side. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

hi everyone! Today’s review is going to be about the second book in the ‘Remnant Chronicles’ by Mary E. Pearson. I have already written a review for the first book on this blog. Go and check it out if you like. (◍’౪`◍)ノ゙

The Sypnosis:


Both Lia and Rafe are trapped in Venda, the mysterious kingdom ruled by the Komizar.

The Komizar seems to be very interested in Lia since he knows that she has the gift. While Lia is living among the Vendans she realizes that they are not as barbaric as she expected them to be. Spending her time in Venda Lia reveals terrifying secrets and learns how to deal with her gift.

The Princess has to decide considered and take action to save her country and loved ones.

I was a bit worried before starting this sequel. (๑ó⌓ò๑) I thought that it would not be as good as ‘The Kiss of Deception’. But you really do not have to be because I will guarantee you that you are going to like ‘The Heart of Betrayal’ more than the first book. It was so suprising (in a positive way) and different than the first book this one actually had a villain! Let me introduce the Komizar:

The Komizar is the current ruler of the kingdom Venda. He’s really clever and eloquent as I remember 25 years old. And he is such a great villain. The Komizar is the important factor missing in the first book. What would a good story be without a villain who works against the hero or heroine? Very boring. There is only one way to conquer the Komizar; You have to kill him. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t.

This whole second book is set in Venda, the area of the enemy.

During her stay in Venda we get to experience a great character development from Lia. She was strong and brave from the beginning but even when talking to the Komizar she does not have fear. I really think that girl does not know what reluctance is but exactly that’s the thing I like about Lia.

“I beg your forgiveness, Your Eminence. I would not truly feed your face to the hogs. It might make them sick.”

Yep, that’s what I meant. (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

Anyways, let’s talk about the Romance since that is also a genre of the book. I have seen a few of my friends on GoodReads complaining about the Romance. To be honest; yes, there a more ‘Romance-Elements’ in this novel than in the first book. There is a thing I disliked in this novel which was Kaden falling suddenly for Lia. I thought Venda would always be in first place? He was so loyal to the Vendans. What happend with that? That was a bit too fast for me.

“I’m not the farmer I claimed to be, but I hope I can make you fall in love with me again, this time as a prince, one day at a time. We’ve had a terrible start—it doesn’t mean we can’t have a better ending.”

Yes, Rafe lied but Lia was not always honest as well. I already see them both as a couple. Kaden became a third-wheel. I do not know what to think about Rafe but since we got to know a lot about Kaden in this sequel I really think that he is an interesting character.

There were exactly 3 twists and turns I did not see coming. Mary E. Pearson manages to completely shock me again. (´⊙ω⊙`) I enjoyed ‘The Heart of Betrayal’ much more than ‘The Kiss of Deception’. I am pretty sure that I am going to devour ‘The Beauty of Darkness’. I’ll give this successful sequel 4.5 stars/5. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Welcome, welcome to ‘Caraval’ by Stephanie Garber! 🌹🌟🎩

“Welcome, welcome to Caraval! The grandest show on land or by sea. Inside you’ll experience more wonders than most people see in a lifetime. You can sip magic from a cup and buy dreams in a bottle. But before you fully enter into our world, you must remember it’s all a game.”

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s review of Caraval by Stephanie Garber. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ The book was published in January 2017 and includes 407 pages with a beautiful map of the world “Caraval”.  I got myself the UK-Edition this month and I am happy to say that I finally finished this book because it was a very long time on My TBR List.


“Remember it’s only a game..”

We follow the story of the sisters Scarlett and Tella Dragna who have a cruel father and the wish to participate in Carval, a once-in-a-year performance, held on an island. With the arrangement of Scarlett’s marriage she thinks her dream of participating in Carval is over but  this year both sisters get an invitation from the mastermind of Caraval; Legend.  When Scarlett and a mysterious sailor arrive on the island of Caraval they get to know that Tella was kidnapped by Legend. The person who finds Tella first will win the game so Scarlett has to find her before the final day of Caraval, knowing that if she doesn’t her beloved sister will disappear forever.

⠀⠀⠀Now the review follows. 

  • Caraval is such a beautiful, magical and enigmatic fantasy book. It includes a lot of riddles to solve so you can imagine on your own how the story continues and what kind of decisions the characters make. (੭ˊ͈ ꒵ˋ͈)੭̸*✧⁺˚
  • The story of Caraval is a very mysterious one. I would say that Caraval is especially plot-based. The characters do play an important role but are not that detailed. It is necessary that you understand the relations between past, present and future.
  • You do not have a lot of choice to choose your favourite characters. Scarlett and her sister Tella are the main characters, following the sailor Julian and the mastermind organizer Legend.
  • The world of Caraval is a small but unique one. I can imagine that it is not everyones cup of tea but since it is a fantasy book the setting has to be different than contemporary books with diferent situations and incredible things you can do their. I loved the ideas of how the world of Caraval is an adventure for everyone.

Caraval was such an enjoyable and fantastic read. I read this book very slowly because it was so exciting to read with many plot twist and situations you might not have imagined while reading. My favourite character turned out to be Legend. I am very excited for the next book of this series, triology..? Highly recommended to all fantasy fans.

I have seen a lof of people comparing this book with the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The only thing these two books have in common are the fantasy aspects and the magical and fantastical atmosphere.

This book received 5stars on GoodReads. Read my review there through following the link.  Thank you for reading this article! 。^‿^。 View my GoodReads account: here.