Celebrating The Release of The 2nd Season of The Mandalorian w/ The Star Wars Book Tag

Surprise, surprise! What? Didn’t expect to see a Star Wars related post on my blog? No wonder you didn’t, considering that I have never talked about my interest and deeply rooted nostalgia for this universe on my blog yet. So, here’s the reveal perfectly timed for the new season of The Mandalorian streaming on Disney Plus; Both the Star Wars movies and the animated Clone Wars series (a real masterpiece by the way) are childhood favourites of mine and a really big part of it, actually. So, when I stumbled upon the Star Wars book tag thanks to Jenna’s @Bookmark your Thoughts version I knew I had to do this tag as well. That was five months ago (time flies still) but now the time has finally come!

Disclaimer: One of the questions requires me to name the worst character death so that may be a spoiler depending on if you did your required reading on high school or not.

R2-D2: A book that made you laugh out loud

THE FORBIDDEN WISH by Jessica Khoury

I know that you are probably already tired of me raving about this Aladdin-inspired ya-fantasy book (which is way too underrated, in my opinion, by the way) on my blog lately but in case you’re new here; hey! The Forbidden Wish is a very fun retelling of Aladdin I read this year in which the powerful jinny is… a girl! My favourite part about it? The conversations (or rather banter) between Zahra (the female jinny) and Aladdin. They are just so fun and will definitely make you laugh.

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Padme Amidala: Kickbutt female character

➵ SAFIYA FON HASSTREL from The Witchlands series by Susan Dennard

© Nibuni // Click on the picture to see the original post drawn by the talented Nibuni! This artwork was drawn by @NipuniDraws on Twitter, NOT BY ME.

It’s been some time since I read Truthwitch by Susan Dennard but I do remember that Safiya fon Hasstrel, one of the female main characters of the book is not only an extremely skilled fighter and ability user (!!) but also speaks a lot of different languages of the Witchlands universe. Does that make her a polyglot? I’d say yes! Safiya compared to Iseult, her Threadsister, definitely is hot-tempered, stubborn and impulsive which I, to be honest, sometimes have a problem with in ya books (concerning representation of female protagonists) but I like all of Susan Dennard’s characters and especially appreciate the friendship or rather sisterhood of the main characters. Would love to see more of that in ya-books!

Leia Organa: Best or worst love triangle

➵ THE INFERNAL DEVICES series by Cassandra Clare

Agh, the infamous “love triangle” trope… At this point I think that most members of the bookish community aren’t really fond of this trope (at least not anymore), or am I wrong? What I know for sure, though, is that my perspective on love triangles and their use in ya books was the reason I was so sceptical towards The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare which I read for the VERY FIRST TIME this year. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed the implementation of it in this series! To be honest, I didn’t care much for Tessa (as most people apparently??) but Will and Jem + especially their friendship was great.

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Luke Skywalker: Rising star author

➵ ELIZABETH LIM, author of the Blood of Stars duology

Elizabeth Lim – Author Photo

Elizabeth Lim is a new to me author of the Blood of Stars duology and I read Spin the Dawn, the first book in the series, not long ago. I absolutely loved the book and I can’t wait to read book 2 + everything else Elizabeth Lim has planned + the other books she’s already written. I really like her writing style and way of storytelling as well as pacing. I didn’t watch Disney’s live-action adaption of Mulan nor do I plan on doing son (due to where it was produced and the statements of the lead actress). Instead Spin the Dawn was my “Mulan-ish” highlight of the year and I am so glad that I have actually read it now.


Anakin Skywalker: A book series that started out well and then became bad

➵ THE RED QUEEN series by Victoria Aveyard

One of the first books I read after I joined Goodreads in 2017. Ya-dystopian is not my favourite genre (let’s be honest here; never was, never will) so, starting this series really meant getting out of my comfort zone readingwise. While I did enjoy book 1 and 2 in the series, and even got to meet Victoria Aveyard (such a wonderful person!!) I have to confess that since then I have not really continued with this series due to the fact that I did in fact dislike book 3 for various reasons.

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Qui-Gon Jinn: Worst character death

➵ JAY GATSBY from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitgerald

Yeah, not quite what you expected me to answer, right? I actually wanted to answer this question with naming some of the HP deaths (like Hedwig, Sirius, etc.) but I dediced not to and instead mention a classic/aka required reading book which was my very first read of 2020. I watched the movie right after I read the book which made the death of Jay Gatsby even worse especially since I disliked Daisy, her character, behaviour and personality with a burning passion.

Han Solo: Favourite sassy character

➵ THOMAS CRESSWELL from the SJTR series by Kerri Maniscalco

© PhantomRin // Click on the picture to see the original post! This artwork was drawn by the amazing PhantomRin, NOT BY ME.

Matching a character with this category took me one second. Are you even surprised? Just in case you are: The Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerri Maniscalco is one of my all-time favourite book series. Set in the Victorian era the series follows two forensic students solving murder cases. Next to Audrey Rose Wadsworth (a very witty character by the way and one I like just as much!) there’s Thomas Cresswell. Thomas is… kinda cocksure of himself, up to that point where we reach a very high level of overconfidence, wit and ESPECIALLY sass. Thomas also goes through some vast character development staying true to his sassy self until the very end.

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Emperor Palpatine: Best world building

➵ NORSE MYTHOLOGY by Neil Gaiman

I LOVE BOOKS ABOUT/BASED ON MYTHOLOGY. And, no, it doesn’t always have to be Greek Mythology! Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman ( my very first Neil Gaiman book by the way!) is a wonderfully written collection of short stories. Overall, just a great retelling of the stories and myths of Norse Mythology. Neil Gaiman creates such an interesting, epic, (and dangerous) world. Plus, reading about Thor and Loki was so much fun!! I might have never read the book if it wasn’t for the recommendation of a friend. I am very glad that I did, though, because this book has my favourite kind of world-building; the storrytelling kind of one.

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Ben Kenobi/ Obi-Wan Kenobi: A series that exceeded your expectations


Oh, how I love The Remnant Chronicles! I started reading this series thanks to the recommendation of a friend of mine and had not heard anything about it before so I went in with no expectations at all. The Kiss of Deception did not disappoint, neither did the sequels. Set in a fantasy world it follows the escape of a princess, some royal court drama and a lot of adventures. This one definitely exceeded my expectations and I even think that it is way too underrated!

Yoda: A book that taught you something or that made you grow

➵ THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho

I read The Alchemist three years ago and it still is my go-to answer for questions like these although there are so many other books that taught me something or made me grow. I am someone who belives that every book one reads is able to teach you something, even if it’s a “small thing”. I know that many people think that this book is quite overrrated and in that case I have two other books to offer for this category; The Kite Runner and And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. Two books I read this year and really enjoyed. Very heart-wrenching well-written, I also could have mentioned Khaled Hosseini and his books for this category as well as rising star author.

Darth Vader: Favourite villain

➵ KAZ BREKKER from the SoC series by Leigh Bardugo

This artwork by Bonnie McAllister (Monolimeart) is from the Crooked Kingdom Collector’s Edition.

Kaz Brekker? A villain? Yeah, I know that’s probably not the right word to describe him. Anti-hero might be more fitting. The truth is that I (somehow??) haven’t read many books with villains/antagonists I really liked (definitely need to change that) and Kaz was the first character that came to my mind for this category. Either way I can’t deny that Kaz Brekker does have “typical villain traits”. A complex and mysterious character with a sad back story and questionable methods – a real mastermind and con artist.

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Are you a sci-fi and/or Star Wars fan? Have you watched The Mandalorian? Can you recommend any books fitting this genre? Feel free to let me know!

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