Top 5 book series I NEED to finish as soon as possible, (oops)! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

While I do enjoy reading a good and satisfying standalone there is something about reading a gripping duology, trilogy or even a seven-books long series that standalones just don’t bring with them (if that makes any sense?). Sure, even long book series end eventually end but at least you can spend some more time with your favourite characters and/or in a really interesting and fascinating world which (in the best case) the author has managed to built in an amazing way and you find yourself binge-reading the whole series in one go. That’s the best case scenario.

Lately, I find myself more often following the worst case scenario i.e. starting with a really good book series, finishing the first book in a series and not continuing with the rest of the books because they aren’t out now (which is less often the case), I prefer reading other books first or don’t own copies (or even worse: reading the whole series except for the final installment). But in most cases it’s probably neither of these reasons and just pure laziness. I really want to change that considering how many interesting book series I have started yet but not finished. So, to make myself a bit more aware of that I’ll present to you 5 book series that have high priority.

1.) The An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir

I remember reading the first book of this series, An Ember in the Ashes, in 2018 when the third book in the series wasn’t even out yet. Now, the number of books in this series has seemingly increased (??) with a fourth installment on its way (??).  Either way, I am really behind on that although I really enjoyed the first book in the series giving it a solid and high-quality 4-star rating after I had heard of it on Hannah’s (A Clockwork Reader) YouTube channel. Now, Sabaa Tahir left me with Book #2, #3, and #4 and I have no idea when I’ll be able to read them because my plan was to borrow these from the library (where are my fellow library friends) just as I did with Book #1 but the current situation put a spoke in my wheel…

2.) The A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

I feel like you either one absolutely dislikes the A Court of Thorns and Roses series or totally love it. There’s not really anything in between. Personally, I did enjoy ACOTAR and ACOMAF when I read both books for the first time in three years ago although I had some issues with both of  them. Somehow, I haven’t got around to read ACOWAR and this new novella (??) yet but I am especially spectical because of the latter. I have heard more bad than good things about it and the more videos I watch on this series and Sarah J. Maas’ books in general the more I have mixed feelings about it. What to do now? In the end I believe that my curiosity for what everyone is talking about is too big for me not to pick both of them up and form an opinion of my own. Apparently, the whole ACOTAR series is going to grow which does not particularly surprise me considering how hyped it still is.

3.) The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen, Glass Sword, King’s Cage – I read those books a long time ago and to be honest, I only remember snippets of what actually happened (but that’s what goodreads reviews are for, right?). And, I even met Victoria Aveyard at the Frankfurt Book Fair and got my copies of Red Queen and Glass Sword signed (you can read more about that here) which was such a nice experience I am really grateful for. I started this series despite having had bad experiences with ya-dystopias in the past but the concept of this series was very gripping to me (and I have a soft spot for villains and antiheroes). Unfortunately, the more books I read from this series the more confusing it got. And, I had my total low point with King’s Cage, the third one in the series. Nonetheless, I still want to finish the Red Queen series because I want to know what ending Victoria Aveyard has planned for it (and if I’m okay with that). Am I also going to read the novellas? Certainly that depends on how I feel about it after having read War Storm but we’ll see.

4.) The Shadow of the Fox series by Julie Kagawa

Moving on to one of my best reads of 2019: Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa! If you’ve been around here for a while you probably know that I a) am really interested in all things mythology and that b) this book had everything I didn’t know I needed. I am not going to fangirl too much about the first book in this series because I have already done that here: (VERY Belated) Happy Hanami! | Shadow of The Fox by Julie Kagawa 🏯🌸⛩️ but what I can say is that it’s now one of my favourite series of all time and that totally unexpected because this was one of these “well-let’s-give-it-a-try” kind of book where you neither have high nor low expectations. Now, almost a year later I haven’t continued with the the second book Soul of the Sword yet and the final installment Night of the Dragon is out! I blame my fear of “sequels-that-may-not-be-as-fantastic-as-the-first-book-in-a-series” for that.

5) The Caraval series by Stephanie Garber


Finale is only one out of many last books in a series I haven’t read yet (there are rumors of more books in the Caraval series though). I read Caraval, the first book in the series, ages ago (I even did a re-read once) and same goes to Legendary (Book #2). Do you know how I know that? I know that from my review format I used when doing blogposts about both Caraval and Legendary. I remember being so excited about the release of Finale because unlike the half other goodreads reviewers I actually loved this series and especially its atmosphere which is precisely why Caraval is part of my all-time favourites. How come I haven’t finished it then?? With this book I blame my UK paperback editions because when I first wanted to purchase Finale I had the problem of not being able to find the edition that completed my series. Now, the problem’s gone and I still haven’t been able to re-visit this world again.

That’s it for now! Although I do have more than just these books to show you (no honourable mentions today). I apologize for my reasons of not having read these books being almost always the same, and yes, they do sound like excuses because they are. The reason why I feel so bad about not having read these books is because the ones I have read out of the series are actually very good and belong to my favourite ones which confuses me even more. After having written this blog post and made a full list of series I want to finish I cleared my conscience a bit and look forward to change my bad reading habits.

Do you have the same reading problem? What are book series you haven’t finished yet but really want to? Which are the ones you don’t want to continue? Feel free to let me know!


9 thoughts on “Top 5 book series I NEED to finish as soon as possible, (oops)! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

  1. i need to finish the caraval series and the red queen series too. i’m not that pumped about the red queen series mainly because of the mixed reviews but i liked the first book. ACOWAR is huge so take your time with that one 💙

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  2. ah i recently decided that i was actually interested in an ember in the ashes, after years of thinking that i wasn’t really! i need to start the series asap. and i started shadow of the fox but couldn’t finish it, definitely need to pick it up again 😭 good luck with finishing all of these!! ❤

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  3. Ahhhh I am so, so terrible at finishing series, I constantly start them but then forget about them, I am so terrible 😂 I also really want to continue with the Ember in the Ashes series. I read the first two books and loved them! 🙂

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