My TBR for Princess-A-Thon 👸🏽

Hello everyone! Already irritated by the title of today’s post? It’s no wonder since I RARELY (i.e. never??) join any readathons or reading challenges just because I am really moody reader who changes their monthly tbr’s multiple times (that is also the reason why you don’t see any tbr posts on this blog) and still doesn’t stick to it but this month I want to go out of my bookish comfort zone by joining a themed readathon hosted by Sage!

Princess-A-Thon runs from September 1st to September 30th and is all about (Disney) princesses. You can visit Sage’s original post with more info here. As soon as I saw all the challenges I knew I HAD to join.

In order to actually manage this readathon I decided to choose Team Faeri as my team so that I can make books count for 4 challenges. It was really hard to choose a team since they all have cool abilities and the design is amazing!! I also included some school reads which fit to the challenges I know I’ll have to read and  I want the credit points, haha + I used the same books a couple of times which is a bit boring but otherwise I know I wouldn’t be able to read that much.

I’ll update on my progress of the readathon either here or on my Goodreads account. Maybe, I’ll even write some kind of “wrap up” post but I’m not sure about that yet. Let me first show you my tbr though:

1. Snow WhiteSNOW WHITE (1937): a book over 5 years old
Faust, First Part — Goethe
2. CinderellaCINDERELLA (1950): a retelling
This Monstrous Thing — Mackenzie Lee
3. AuroraSLEEPING BEAUTY (1959): book with an iconic villain
Capturing the Devil — Kerri Maniscalco
4. ArielTHE LITTLE MERMAID (1989): the group book
Ice Massacre — Tiana Warner
5. BelleBEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991): book heavy on romance
Capturing the Devil — Kerri Mansicalco
6. JasmineALADDIN (1992): book with criminal activities
The Vanishing Stair — Maureen Johnson
7. Odette: THE SWAN PRINCESS (1994): book you predict to be 5 stars
Capturing the Devil — Kerri Maniscalco
8. Pocahontas: POCAHONTAS (1995): book by an indigenous author
The Marrow Thieves — Cherie Dimaline
9. Anastasia: ANASTASIA (1997): book inspired by history
This Monstrous Thing — Mackenzie Lee
10. Mulan: MULAN (1998): book with military or war themes
The Odyssey — Homer
11. Kida: ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE (2001): book inspired by a culture other than your own
The Marrow Thieves — Cherie Dimaline
12. Tiana: THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG (2009): book with magic practitioners
Faust, First Part — Goethe
13. Rapunzel: TANGLED (2010): book over 500 pages
i feel super bad about it but i haven't found a book for this challenge yet. sorry!


14. Merida: BRAVE (2012): book with a strong female protagonist
Capturing the Devil — Kerri Maniscalco
15. Elsa & Anna: FROZEN (2013): book with strong family dynamics
Ice Massacre — Tiana Warner
16. Moana: MOANA (2016): book with an adventure
The Odyssey — Homer


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