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I met Victoria Aveyard at the Frankfurt Book Fair aka my first ever Author Signing!! 🤗

I had never been to any author events, meet and greets, signings nor readings before. I had never said hello to an author. Never stood in a way-too-long signing line talking with a friend while carrying books around. Not to mention all these conventions like Bookexpo or Bookcon I have never been to because I am living on the other side of this huge amount of water.


After having missed Jennifer L. Armentrout at the Book Fair last year when I had recently finished reading Obsidian I knew that this year I wanted to meet an author of books I binge-read and characters I loved no matter what. So, when Victoria Aveyard (author of the Red Queen series) announced that she is going to come to Germany for the Book Fair I immediately made plans.

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Although I am not the biggest dystopian fan as some of you may know I really liked reading the first three books in this series; Red Queen, Glass Sword and King’s Cage. The final book is the only one I haven’t read yet and that is mainly because I am scared of how it will end, who will be on the throne and Maven’s future. But I know that I’ll read it! I am just too curious about this conclusion.

I went with a friend whom I had recommended Red Queen and together we had to wait in line at 9pm for a ticket so that we could be part of the later, actual signing from 2-3.30pm. 150 tickets were available and when we finally saw the line for this we were about to lose our hope. The line was longer than I had thought it would be but we were extremely lucky to be one of the last people to get a ticket! After some joyful leaps and time of checking out parts of the Book Fair we finally went to the actual signing line which was even longer than the one in the morning. We waited a bit more than an hour in the pretty hot October sun which I think is pretty good for a signing…? to get to the signing box where Victoria Aveyard was diligently signing, chatting, taking pictures and smiling.


As I said, I had never met an author of books I love before but I knew that I wanted to tell her how much 1) I aprreciate that she has come to this event and Germany in particular, 2) that I enjoyed reading her books very much and 3) that Maven is my favorite. Guess what. Only the first thing happend! The rest was totally spontaneous!

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Everything went fast but we did get to talk a little.

I annotated Red Queen when re-reading it this year and she really liked it and asked if the different colors have different functions and what they mean. I told her about them being for quotes I liked, plot twists, important scenes, romance… I wore a t-shirt with a triceratops that day and V. Aveyard seemed to like it. That’s how I found a fellow Jurassic Park fan!

I also have a picture with me, my friend and the author on it which I am really happy about but unfortunately, I look a bit awkward on it. 🙈 Definitely something I have to work on!

All in all, our arrival was a bit hectic but it was totally worth the experience!! Now, I want to do it again for any of my favorite authors and books. I definitely won’t forget meeting Victoria Aveyard especially because she was so kind to everyone and really did the most and best of the short time we had chatting. Thank you! The event was obviously my personal highlight on the Frankfurt Book Fair and my paperback copies now have so much emotional value to me that I’ll treasure them forever. 💗

And, a big thank you to the German publisher Carlsen and to all people who were involved in Frankfurt! Everything was so well organized and the actual wait in line was not as long as I have heard from other signings and events. I loved it!


6 thoughts on “I met Victoria Aveyard at the Frankfurt Book Fair aka my first ever Author Signing!! 🤗

  1. Amazing you got to meet her! I follow her on Instagram and she’s posted so many pictures of her European tour, I think she’s ending in Poland right now. I just met some authors recently and I’m still blown away by how nice and open they all are!

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    1. Yes, that was an incredible experience for me and now, I want to meet more and more authors to talk with them! Same goes to all the fellow readers who stood in line. They are all very open and nice to talk to. What authors have you met recently? (I’m curious! 😊)

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      1. Wow! So many cool authors!! Furyborn is on my want to read list and Labyrinth Lost is too. What do you think about them? I hope you will have another opportunity in the future to meet her.

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      2. They were all super nice, and friendly. I went to a fantasy panel for most of the authors and Chokshi was definitely my favorite, her humor/jokes were awesome. I hope I get to meet them and more authors in the future, it’s a lot of fun!

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