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Mister Thomas Cresswell took over Kerri Maniscalco’s Twitter Account?! 📱🎩 | Another sort of Q&A

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if one of your favorite fictional characters used a social media platform to interact with readers of their book?

Well, I had not before Kerri Maniscalco, the author of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, announced on her Instagram account that Mr Cresswell is going to answer questions on her Twitter Account. And as you may have already guessed I was suprised and excited by that amazing idea since I am such a big fan of both the book series and Audrey Rose’s partner in crime Thomas Cresswell.


Picture Credit: This amazing fanart of Thomas is from Phantomrin. Definitely check out other bookish fanarts illustrated by Phantomrin. I love them all!

So, NO, I wasn’t able to ask Thomas a single question but many other readers did!! I spent some time going through the comments and read Cresswell’s hilarious and sassy answers. It was so entertaining and lead to a few attacks of fangirling.

The questions varied from trying to find out more about Thomas’s and Audrey Rose’s relationship to asking about his fashion tastes and other personal stuff. You won’t get disappointed from reading his answers because they are exactly what you imagine him to say.

Here are some of my favourite questions and answers from the authors #MTMC18 event starring the extremly charming Mr Thomas Cresswell 👏🏼:

Twitter must be pretty weird for someone from the 19th century. I wonder if Kerri Maniscalco helped him typing. 🤔🤭

Agh! He already confessed it, right but I am still not over it since confessing feelings in ya is something that comes at the end of the story and usually is not that obvious. And people don’t brag about it like Thomas does.

And this is why I love Thomas so much. He is supporting Audrey Rose so much even if she doesn’t always know it.

Is this a sign?! Because that either means 1) we will not be able to read about it aka never or 2) SJTR4?! 🧐

Audrey Rose wouldn’t comment on that, I guess. Or roll her eyes.

I think it can’t get any sassier.

Now I wanna know who this “Andreas” is…

Thank you Thomas for making me want EFH more than I already do. As if I am not 101% excited already. Tsk.

I want this so bad! Though I really love the POV of Audrey Rose and the current writing style reading of the story things told from Thomas’s perspective would be just as interesting.

And last but not least a quote I would definitely want on a t-shirt. This is epic:

And that’s it for now! Thomas also answered a bunch of other questions but these ones were the ones I was most excited about. If you want to read more feel free to visit the authors Twitter account: THERE’S MORE! Maybe Audrey Rose is taking over Twitter next time…? For now, I can’t wait until meeting these wonderful characters again and finally finding out what the Carnival is about. I am positive that Thomas’s confidence has grown extremely after the chat but this is already impossible right?

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